September 5th, 2001


High? Cool.

It’s seven-o-four.
Can I hit snooze one more time?
It was a nice dream.

Lather, rinse, repeat.
I’m wearing cropped pants today -
Have to shave my legs.

Putting on my face,
Eyeliner is an art form.
And now to get dressed.

I do not care for
The new Headline News format.
Way too much banter.

Got off the shuttle
Just in time to catch the Blue
Packed in like a pig.

Listen you asshole
Don’t stand in front of the door.
Let us leave the train.

Hey shitforbrains
Get out of my god damn way.
I’m not gonna yield.

“Nickels, Dimes Quarters”
You ask me every day.
I will not donate.

Dollar-ten coffee?
I like the amaretto
With two sugars please.

Now I’m at my desk
Catching up on my LJ’s
I don’t want to work.
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