October 1st, 2001


If I didn't have the internet to dick around on, I'd want to be drunk too.

As I sit here picking at my fingernails desperately searching for a new journal entry to read, I wonder what exactly people did with their work day before the internet came along and provided us with something to do. Have computers done so much more work for us? Was filing and paperwork and adding and all that stuff that computers just *do* that much more time consuming that an entire 8 hour day could be devoted to work? Is the internet this day and age's version of the coffee machine?

The coffee machine thing made me think too. People seem to drink a whole lot less of everything except water. I remember hearing my grandparents talk about making pots of coffee at home and drinking upwards of 10 cups of the stuff during the day. Why has that changed? Were we so oblivious then or are we too conscious now? And Three-Martini-Lunches? Why are they gone? If you sat down with someone for a power lunch today, you might have an intervention in your future. Three Martinis used to mean serious business. Now it's a problem.

One of the "adults" we used to work with at Musicmaker was telling me once about how people who took the LIRR into New York would carry two thermoses with them: one full of coffee for the morning ride, one full of Bloody Mary for the evening ride. That doesn't sound like a bad plan to me. What better way to charge up for and wind down from your day at work, which for some reason, was a lot harder thirty years ago.

Why, also, are carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive motion whatever new things? People in those old movies about being at work seem to be doing a lot more repetitive motion and a lot fiercer typing than we ever do. Maybe it was because they were so hopped up on caffeine that they didn't notice the difference. Or they were drunk.

This is getting to be ri-god damn-diculous.

Just a mere 45 minutes ago, my hard drive at work crashed for the 4th or 5th time since I have started working here. The first time, it was giving me trouble when I started up, asking me to run Scandisk and then saying that it couldn’t do it. Then it crashed for some other reason. About two weeks later, it crashed again. That “fix” lasted about three weeks. During this repair, I asked the “Help Desk” (they call our engineers/IT people the Help Desk. I don’t know about you, but if I went to college for however many years studying Computer Science and Information Technology, I would be a little insulted to be given the same name as someone who answers questions at the mall) guy if he ever considered that this computer could just be a lemon and that we should scrap it and get a new one. He looked at me funny and gave me an awkward laugh. I wasn’t sure if it was because he thought the idea of a computer being a lemon was preposterous or if he didn’t know what the figure of speech meant.

Anyway, they put a bullet in it about a month ago: gutted it and gave it a new hard drive. Things have been working swimmingly since then. I had to restart for some reason right before I went to lunch. It shut down fine, but on the restart I got an error message that said something like “MM32.vxd is missing. Windows has stopped. Press CTL+ALT+DEL to restart”.

It doesn’t fill me with much confidence that these guys can’t keep a computer running for more than a month. Do I just ride my computer hard? What does this mean for the future of this internet company?

Didja take a wrong turn at Ocean City?

Even after 24 years of seeing seagulls in strip mall parking lots, I'm still confused as to why they hang out there. But I have slowly begun to accept this.

However, there was a seagull victoriously stealing a cracker from the pidgeons in McPherson Square Park today.
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