October 12th, 2001


Back to Normalcy

Team Pantload had a shameful showing at Champion Billiards tonight, not even scoring the 373,000 points necessary to get on to the top ten list.

My brother, Ian and I took a gamble on the Black Cat and tried out the band that was playing there tonight for the $5 cover. Fortunately, the setup of the New Black Cat allows people in the Red Room to hear the Backstage band without paying the cover. From what we could hear from our free vantage point, the band was pretty good.

Until 7:13 tonight I hadn't posted in a week. Now I realize exactly what has been missing these past few days.
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Stimulus is What You Make of It.

Having the means to do so, I was flipping through the channels at 3:00 last night. After watching two disappointing SNL reruns from the Billy Crystal/Martin Short era, a bizarre hit or miss time sandwiched between the Murphy/Piscopo years and the Hartman/Myers/Carvey/Farley years (or the Second Golden Age, if you will), on Comedy Central, I ventured forth into the cable network beyond. I stumbled across Street Smarts on the WB, a game that plays quite similarly to Howard Stern’s Homeless Game. Basically two contestants have to determine whether or not the three mouth-breathers they found in some mall will answer general knowledge questions correctly. I guess if it was aired on any other time than the weekday 3-3:30am slot, it might be copyright infringement.

I wonder what that means for the episode of the second, less popular Cosby program that came on next, or the disturbing commercial that came on in between them. Silhouetted against a rippling American flag, a couple sat hand in hand, with the voice over saying “Now more than ever, it’s time to show you love her. So give her a diamond from the Jewelry Factory…” What are we telling the 3:30am television viewing audience? That the men are going to die soon or that the women should take this and any other opportunity to cash in on some jewels?

Pop-Up-Video taught me today that there are three men in this country named Dick Tease.