October 24th, 2001


Ask and You Shall Receive

Well, that didn't turn out quite like I expected. I figured I might get a couple of ha, ha, yeah's. It was fun to be a comment pimp for a day see how the other half lives, but quite like most vacation spots, it's a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there. There's only so many times I can say "LOL! You rule!" in one day. My jealousy has been quelled and I feel completely satisfied. Maybe I should vocalize tiny dreams of mine more often in the hopes to get them answered for just one day. Then I'll realize sooner that the grass really isn't green anywhere so I should just keep my mouth shout and quit my whining...or maybe it would just be a gas to pretend to be an firetruck for a while.


Inspired by a recent post on debate, I decided to do a little interest-searching:

There are 19 communities and over 1000 LJers interested in Britney Spears.

There are 8 LJers interested in Brittany Spears.
There is 1 LJer interested in Britney Speers.
There is 1 LJer interested in Brittny Spears.
There is 1 community and 14 LJers interested in Brittney Spears.

I could do this all day. Now for Limp Bizkit: so far there are 16 people who rock out to Limp Biskit, 5 who like Limp Biscuit…