November 20th, 2001


Weird Dreams and Traffic Nightmares

I drove in to work today for a change of pace and because I was running terribly late after waking up at ten to eight in the middle of this dream where I was helping these people escape this house by blowing the heads off off the either evangelists or cult leaders that were keeping them in it (one of which I remember vividly as being Michael Madsen of Vic "Mr. Blonde" Vega fame) with the same rifles I was using the muzzles of to stab other ones in the chest later. I was running through the house, picking up the stuff that belonged to the people I was rescuing and killing the bad guys. At the end of the dream, someone handed me a fried chicken breast as I climbed into one of the vans with the last of the people's belongings I had collected (in the same bag that was my bookbag when I was in 6th grade. I remember the snap closure and everything) only to find the van was empty except for two people. They told me that some of them wanted to stay and see if they could work it out.

Needless to say I was confused when I woke up, and even though I knew I was late, I was moving in slow motion. So with twenty-five minutes to get to work, I figured I might as well drive.

While stuck in traffic on the 14th Street Bridge and listening to Huggy Lowdown, I saw that the van in front of me was a Metro service van from the bumper sticker on the back that said:


And we wonder why traffic and transit in this area is among the worst in the country. They can't even run a spellchecker on their bumper stickers.
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