December 5th, 2001


Like a Suped-Up Chevy Nova in the Sky

Went to the El Vez,the Mexican Elvis, Christmas Espactacularo show with my brother, Andy, Ian, Sarah, Steven (Ian and Andy's friends from High School), Rob and the visiting Leanne. After a surprisingly good performance by Richmond-based/transvestite-led Trixie Delicious and the Lott Lizards, and a two-hour "setup delay," El Vez came on in full form, going through four costume changes, including a Little Drummer Boy outfit, a green jumpsuit with snowflakes and icicle fringe hanging from the arms, and a white jumpsuit complete with angel wings. The set included such carols as "Brown Christmas", "Mamacita, donde esta Santa Claus" and a variation on the Dreidel song to the tune of Jingle Bell Rock: "Hannukah time is the right time/to play Dreidel in the Jewish way". Only two Elvettes this time, but the blow-up Santa made up for it.

While most everyone was totally gassed up for this event, some people in the audience were just plain unhip; this one older woman was literally sitting on the catwalk, taking up space where most any other woman would rather stand in to hopefully get a faceful of El Vez’s crotch. But her wet blanket failed to ruin my good time. I’m exhausted, and my face still hurts from smiling. It was everything I needed to get into the Navidad spirit.

Maybe I was just tired and careless this morning or maybe I need to stop counting my blessings. I was just noticing how nice my nails were and how pretty they made my hands look yesterday. Then I broke one this morning. Damn.