December 6th, 2001


All the News that Fits

I woke myself up in the middle of the night because I was laughing so hard at the dream I was having. Damned if I can remember what the dream was about, but I'm sure it was very funny.

I found a stray Home section of the paper on the train and read it on the way in. I left early today so of course there was a "switch problem" in Rosslyn that held my train at Arlington Cemetary for 25 minutes, putting me at work at the same time as if I had overslept and left late. Anyway, the Home section was about rearranging your furniture to accomodate your Christmas tree, keeping the tree well-watered in order to prevent fires and how Hallmark is making Hannukah wrapping paper in more colors than just blue and silver. I noticed a strange trend while reading the section, though:

Most absurd non-profit organizations listed in the Home section of the Washington Post:
The Hobby Industry Association
The National Christmas Tree Association

Others, such as the Smithsonian and the U.S. Fire Administration were mentioned, but they seem to have some purpose, or at least purpose enough to last them through the other eleven months of the year. They say that associations and non-profits are getting hit hardest and first by this "recession". I wonder what the layoff paranoia factor is in their corporate offices is like.