December 7th, 2001


I Saw You

I think I saw Marion Barry last night. But I'm not sure.

Street Traffic was insane last night for some reason. Every intersection I passed was totally gridlocked. The streets were jammed. A bus planted itself right in the middle of the intersection of 14th and Eye, the driver opens the door and says to the suited, middle-aged, slightly-balding, compulsively-chewing-on-his-own-lip black man ahead of me, "We need you back in office! Not even a term out and look at all of this mess!"

I kept trying to look at the guy to see for sure, but he slipped into the crowd, nimbly shaking me. Did the guy just look like Marion Barry? Was the bus driver wrong or just being funny? If this guy is not Marion Barry, does he get this all the time?
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Only 95 Days Later

They're re-opening the Pentagon Bus Station. My commute will finally be back to normal. I can't belive they did it so fast. I thought it would be closed well into the Spring.

5 less minutes commuting = 5 more minutes of sleep!

Hollywood Hotties

I overslept this morning and even though it is a longer trip, I took the Blue line in to work since it was the first train to show up. Since I was tardy enough that I was past the biggest crowd time, I managed to score a freak seat, and stewed in it for a while, cursing the public transit system for not being efficient enough to get me to work when I need to be there even when I'm running late.

The two sweatered gap kids across from my caught my attention soon after and I spent the remainder of the trip studying them. I wasn't sure if they were drama students or hipster/intellectual poseurs, but from the amount of singing the guy did during the 12-minute trip, I'm leaning toward drama kid.

They were playing some sort of game or creating some kind of list that involved their naming, and she used this term, "Hollywood Hotties". The girl was obviously more enamored with him than he cared about her, or he's got that cool, calm and collected look to a T. Her body was tilted sideways so that she was nearly facing him straight on; he was lounging in the corner of the seat and wall with his legs crossed. She spoke in a way that she would almost pout her lips towards him and when she suggested a beautiful woman for the list, she would fold her hands and arrange them under her chin while waiting for his answer, eyes wide and focused and lips still pouting forward. He, casually and smoothly, remained relaxed.

In a moment of true originality, she suggested Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, plopped her chin on her hands, cocked her head and waited for the beauty of his response. He seemingly ignored her suggestions, making no comment on them but merely replying with a new submission, Sigourney Weaver. "Not now...ya, when she was younger. Like when she was in Rocky Horror Picture Show."

The girl expressed some tentative doubt that it was Sigourney Weaver in that movie, but never fully told this guy he was wrong. "You remember...," then breaks into song, "T-t-t-t-t-t-t-touch me!" Again, the girl gently questions his memory.

"Come on. Didn't you see Bull Durham?"