December 20th, 2001


The Party Wizard

Unlike some of the total uber-geeks I know, I waited until opening night to see Lord of the Rings. I was in a bit of a panic all day, as the theater I wanted to go to had their credit card system down and could not sell advance tickets; meanwhile the other theater nearby was selling out another show every half hour. In a moment of truly bold stupidity, Mick and I walked right up to the theater at 7:30 to buy tickets. Nobody just walks up to Lord of the Rings on opening night and gets tickets. You have to camp out for days with people dressed like Ferengi just to look into the building that’s showing it. But we waited on a three-person long line and got tickets to the 9:00 show. Amazing.

Allow me to preface the remainder of this by saying I have never read the Lord of the Rings books. While that brings me geek shame, it worked to my benefit last night as I had no idea what to expect next and the tension and suspense were literal for me since I didn’t know that such-and-such character wasn’t really going to die now.

Allow me to also say that I have played fantasy roleplaying games—the kind that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with sex. This movie was what I saw in my head when I was playing said games. It was a big cool D&D game. With that in mind:

::clears throat::

It was really cool to see the halflings compared to the humans * I never thought of how much shorter a * 3’11”halfling would be compared to a 6’ human. * Oh yeah, * and Legolas? * The Elf? * He kicked ass. * He couldn’t kick more ass if he tried. * * Every time he showed up on screen, I knew some asskicking would be going down. * He even had the two-arrow bow proficiency. * He ruled. Proving * once and for all, * that elves are the best PC race you could use. * By far. * * And the Elven tongue sounded just like I thought it would. And there was a Ranger in it. I always liked playing Rangers. I still have my character sheet for my 6th level halfelven Ranger. *

::clears throat::

Needless to say, there were a lot of youngish men watching the movie alone.

Exhibit A

I've said time and time again that the IT department at my work is a sorry bunch of non-computer guys. In case you didn't belive me before:

I asked the Senior Technical Somethingorother today what he thought of Lord of the Rings. He said he didn't see it. The Engineer next to him hadn't either. Niether had the Webmaster.

No wonder they could never get my computer fixed. You guys call yourselves nerds?
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