January 11th, 2002


Heaven and Hell

Tonight at Heaven, I went to the bathroom downsatirs and found it to be out of toilet paper but thankfully well-endowed in the paper towel department. I did the immediate girl scout trick, however, in order to help out the next girl, I hoped to be able to remedy the TP situation. Unlike most bar/public bathrooms, this one had a cabinet undre the sink. I looked in it hopingthere would be toilet paper inside, but all there was inside were galoshes.

On the way out later tonight, I was leaving and I bumped into someone who was not in the 80's night part of the club, excused myself and tried to pass by. he exclaimed, "hey girl!" , grabbed both of my hands and proceeded to dance with me for the entirety of Ice, Ice, Baby.
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Manners Mandate

In DC, there are signs strewn about that say “Scoop Your Poop” and have a picture of a cartoon dog underneath holding a little shovel. Beneath the dog, it says,

Be Considerate. It’s the Law.

If only being considerate were the law and cleaning up the feces of your property was just assumed along with that.