January 15th, 2002


More Advice

I swear I'll get back to my sardonic observations and silly anecdotes soon. I swear. I just need some more help.

I saw an ad in the Post this Sunday for part-time weekend-only photographers. I called just now and found out the job is taking pictures of childrens' sports teams: individual children and then team shots (ala school picture day). They would need me every Saturday and Sunday for 8 weeks at a time (April and May for Spring Sports, September and October for Fall, etc.). While I'm pretty sure which way I'm leaning, any input is welcome.

Pros & Cons:

Pro: professional photography experience for my resume, with which I might be able to get myself out of the spellchecking field and into something worthwhile like professional photography.

Con: EVERY Saturday. EVERY Sunday (with the exception of something like a wedding).

Pro: log serious time with a camera, learn ins and outs of using flash.

Con: Saturdays from 7am-3pm, Sundays from noon-6pm.

Pro: extra money. Even when they train me I'd be making money.

Alright, so the schedule is the only con. This would mean I couldn't go out super late on Friday nights, but it would mean that I'd be up and moving around eary on Saturdays and maybe get some things done rather than sleep until two.

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