January 21st, 2002


Lee Jackson King Day

Work, in a rare display of foresight, asked us to come in today in exchange for a day off later in order for us to meet a scheduled goal of February 1. Normally, they would give us today off and then ask us to come in on Saturday to make up for the lost time, so given the enormous step foreward in planning and time managment, I didn't mind one bit. As the day has worn on, I'm realizing that working on federal holidays is a good thing.

Top Ten Reasons Why Working Today Rules

10. Some people had already made plans to do stuff on today and therefore couldn't come into work. The office is very quiet.
9. The sidewalks are empty.
8. In the back of everyone's mind is the feeling that coming in today is somehow putting forth extra effort. Attitudes, as reflected by the jeans and flannel attire ensamble on the company president, are relaxed.
7. No line for coffee.
6. I got to see a gaggle of German Tourists this morning.
5. This isn't *exactly* a today thing, but since today was not seen as the start of the work week by most people, the supermarket was empty last night.
4. Weekend/holiday parking rules in effect. Read: Free Street Parking.
3. 6 minute drive from home to free street parking spot.
2. Tonight, the gym will be mine. ALL MINE.

And the number one reason why coming in to work today ruled:

1. At the place I get coffee, they normally have a full breakfast hot bar featuring everything from scrambled eggs to muffins to chipped beef and biscuits. Today, all of the steamers were empty and sitting on a lonely corner of one of the bars was an open box of Krispy Kremes. Wanna breakfast bar? Here's your damned breakfast bar.
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Flagrant misuse of company stuff

I started printing out all of my livejournal entries today so as to have a hard copy book in the event that anything should ever happen to the server permanently. I have been meaning to do this for some time. It's amazing just how much of the company's paper May alone has used up.
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