January 31st, 2002


The Road More Traveled

I have figured out how to get my alarm to actually wake me up. I set the radio to DC101 so that when the radio turns on at 7am I am jarred awake by that goddawful chattering hyena Elliot. That fucker is the bane of my existence. I remember thinking to myself when I moved from the New York area, I wouldn't have to ever hear him again. But of course the dickhole follows me here. So, the wake-up system usually works.

ed note: this is intended to be happy tale of things just working out for the best. My hatred for a particular morning DJ runs deep, and is often distracting. Please do not allow this to set the tone for the rest of the post. Thank you.

Today, it did not, as I was sitting up in bed and for some reason got the idea that it would be fun to flop back on the bed like a dead fish. Seriously.

I woke up 55 mintues later.

I got ready slowly, and headed for the bus at 8:50. I was kicking around the idea of driving, as I knew the metro would make me 40 minutes late, but driving only 20. Then I figured I'd like to get home fast since I need to make my lunch for tomorrow before going to Heaven. But I didn't want to spend the $8 to park.

I literally stood on the sidewalk, halfway to the bus stop and weighed my options. I turned around, still unsure, and started to walk back towards my car. There, on the sidewalk, a few steps down, was my necklace. Realizing that my decision to drive into work allowed me to retreive the necklace I didn't even realize fell off, I was confident it was the right one.

THEN I got to work and found a free parking spot on the street. Yay.
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Football Pool

Listen, you know if you offer me the opportunity to gamble, I'm going to have to take it. So when the Abercrombie Accountant asked me if I wanted to throw down five bucks for the SuperBowl pool, I ponied up.

The squares were blank when we took them, and then randomly numbers were assigned to the rows and columns after all squares were full. The results came back, and for my two squares, I got: Rams 0 - Patriots 4, and Rams 3 - Patriots 6. For those of you who don't know, that means if the last digit of the teams scores at the end of each quarter match those numbers, I get a prize. So, if the halftime score, for example, is Rams 10 - Patriots 14, or Rams 13 - Patriots 6, I win the halftime cash miggity-miggity-miggity-money prize.

Not to get too cocky here, but my numbers are pretty damn good. I have a good feeling about this, and furthermore, more interest in the actual game.
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Hangin' Tough

Does anyone remember when boy bands were, you know...hot? These guys are just downright fugly and it worries me on a strange level. It makes me think that they put below-average guys on these pedestals so that the young girls of the world don't get their hopes up too high or can somehow liken their classmates with the bowsers on TV. Billy Classmate looks pretty good when Lance Bass's eyes are crooked.

Case and point:

Jordan Knight was some sweet piece of ass.

AJ Whatshisface looks like the kind of guy I don't want hanging around my parked car.
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