February 11th, 2002


Weekend in Review

Friday night was spent going out to dinner with coldblackncold, dicking around Borders and watching TV. It was nice to be able to get up early on Saturday, go to the gym and relax before Katieflynn's birthday party Saturday night. A touch of drama ensued Saturday afternoon when I was minutes from home from the gym and realized that I had left my lock hanging on the locker. If it is at all possible to have a sentimental attachment to a padlock, I have a sentimental attachment to this padlock. I bought it at the Rotherhithe Youth Hostel in East London, the very first hostel we stayed in on my first trip overseas; the very first night I spent in Europe. I should probably not be using it at the gym if I want to hang on to it forever, but I also realize that if I don't use it it's going to sit around taking up space as one more useless souvenir. I called the minute I got home and asked the girl if she could get it and hold it aside for me, and she said she had just returned from the locker room and had it in her hand and would keep it at the desk with my name on it. Crisis averted. Yay.

Today is the real date of the wonder twins, Katie and Hope’s birthday, however, like Monday federal holidays, the occasion was marked Saturday night. The plan for the party was to meet at Katie’s apartment and then go out to the Reston Town Center for a pseudo bar crawl. I have to hand it to Miss Flynn, she always throws a good party. Per the usual, snacks, cocktails and goodie bags complete with airplane bottles were in abundance. The Bermans were in attendance, which while not a surprise was certainly a pleasant event. The pre-crawl gathering party lasted longer than we expected and we all got a little drunker than we had planned. We did manage to motivate ourselves out to Reston and hit Clyde’s first. Seeing as her birthday coincides with Mardi Gras, Katie and Hope wore beads and offered the other partygoers the opportunity to do them a favor or sacrifice a bit of dignity for a string. At Clyde’s, this offer was extended to the general public.

Knowing that Rio Grande Café would be closing earlier than most other bars in the area and that they have brain-freezingly delicious swirl margaritas available, we headed there next. Those who were not wasted when we left the apartment were surely on their way to it as we went into Rio Grande. I partook in my favorite Mexican restaurant drink combo: A shot of tequila followed by a Negra Modelo (which, if you have not done this fine 1-2 punch, you certainly should. Something about the Negra Modelo refreshes the taste of the tequila with every sip). After taking my shot, however, the bartender comes to me with a second shot, apologized and said that they always serve house tequila in a double shot and she had shortchanged me. I would have never known the difference, but I took the shot anyway.

Rio Grande started showing signs of closure, so we went next door to Bistro Bistro, a eurotrash pocket in an otherwise suburban haven. Mickey and I arrived a little later than the majority of the party as he had a margarita to finish. We got in to Bistro Bistro and within seconds, Russell, one of the party attendees pulls me aside and tells me that much to his surprise, the manager pulled him aside after Mick and I walked in, asked if we were with his group and then told him that Mickey had had too much to drink and would not be served. Sure he was drunk, but he wasn’t making a scene…how did they know? Russell suggested that I not offer to buy Mickey any drinks and since I had no idea how to breach the subject with him, I figured I’d just let it go and see what happened from there.

Cut off.

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It's getting weird already

I have this vague memory of being sent home from school on a day when our pipes broke and there was no water.

Fast forward to today. I go to the ladies room only to find that the third of four toilets isn't properly flushing. I send an email to the facilites manager who never answers them anyway, but I get a response about a 1/2 hour later saying that there is a problem with the water in the building, that none of the toilets work and there is no water in the faucets.

I know for damn sure that it's illegal for employers not to supply restrooms. Something else tells me there's something drastically wrong with not providing water for drinking, hand washing or in my case a few minutes ago, apple washing.

So basically, there is presently no water in the building and I don't know exactly how much of a violation on my employee's rights (ha!) that is.
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