March 3rd, 2002


Happy Birthday Mickey!!!

After the long and intoxicatingly fun celebration of the life and times of coldblackncold last night, I'll tell you now, there's nothing better in the morning than a hunk of slightly staled cake.

bobwhite is still asleep on the floor. During his last bowling frame last night, "Shoeless" Bob White opted to take his T-shirt off and wrap it around his head for that extra oomph. Expecting our immediate expulsion, I headed for the bathroom. While walking past another group of people, some guy was commenting to his friends, "hey, check out that dickhead over there with his shirt off." I stopped, looked at the guy and said "Yeah. He's a total dickhead." pause, then the girl he was trying to impress looks all scared, and I break a smile. "But you don't have to carry him around." Haha.
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