March 12th, 2002


To Do:

Hair appointment - 6:30-8pm
Clean kitchen
Clean bathroom
Do nails
Buy Discman
Buy fluffy beach book (I'm leaning towards Bridget Jones' Diary)
Buy new watch
Bring headphones home from work
Take spoilables out of fridge
Empty trash
Buy luggage lock/tags
Get cash
Pack CDs
Print flight info
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Hold Music

A company that plays Depeche Mode's Violator in order while I sit on hold is a company I plan on doing business with again.
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Hold Music Be Damned

However, a company that does not ship my order when they say it will because when it was ready to ship they were "couldn't find a unit" is a company I will not be doing business with again.
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Bubble: Burst.

I'm going to dwell on this no-unit-shipping bullshit a little while longer. This burst my whole goddamn bubble. I ordered a blender online and had it shipped to Dale's so we could make our own margaritas. I bought margarita glasses for it. I thought it would be so fun and funny to have this blender show up at her house. Now it's not going to. I don't want to bring one because it's going to be a pain in the ass. Dale says K-mart esque stores are hard to come by where she is. This ruins my whole gag, AND it ruins my tiny little fantasy of firing up a fresh goddamn margarita as soon as I arrive.

I guess I know now how people used to feel when they had to deal with musicmaker.
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I swear I'll stop bitching about this now.

This is what I get for trying to save a few bucks and going thru a site I've never heard of. I have since ordered a new blender from Target and upped the shipping speed. Granted, I never *did* find out how much those other guys were going to charge me for shipping, so it may not be that much more expensive. I'm just mad at myself because I know if I had bought it from Target in the first place, there would be a blender at Dale's house right now.
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What is up with today?

Shit and fans seem to be coming together at an astronomical rate. During a five minute walk to and from the post office, I saw six firetrucks zoom up the street.
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For those of you who missed it

Mighty Big TV, a.k.a. Television Without Pity, has posted a recap of the most recent Osbournes episode. Unfortunately, for a guy whose job it is to recap television episodes, he sure has trouble understanding what the Ozzy family is saying. But all in all it's a stellar read.

2 hours left at work and bored out of my mind.
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Tick, tick, tick

Since my mother is staying at my place for one of the weekends I'll be gone, I left spares of my keys with my brother, and the only main building key I have. I figured I'd be savvy enough to get in when I return but my mother will need the most direct and panic-free route possible.

However, panic struck on my end when I went to go put in my sheets to wash and remembered that it is the main building key that opens the laundry room. Thanks to a sweatpant-clad marine, I was able to get in and put them in the wash. He was walking in again as I went to go switch them to the dryer and I noticed he was putting his stuff in the dryer too so he'll be back at the time I need to get in again.

The military does so much for us. God Bless America.
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