March 22nd, 2002


Gotta use up the hour card I bought

Just got back from a snorkeling trip that left at 6:30 this morning. We went to Molokini, which is basically the top of a volcano crater that is poking out of the ocean, and then to Turtle Town, another stop nearby that true to its name, had an abundance of Hawaiian Sea Turtles swimming about. I'm still not sure which one of them is the Mayor of Turtle Town, but it's probably the coolass one who came right up and posed for my underwater camera.

Tonight we're going to a Luau, one that a local told us is the best around. Tomorrow we will not be able to go o Molokai as planned as it is cost-prohibitive, but will be going to another nearby island, Lanai, instead.

Up until 2 miles from the harbor this morning, I had it in my head that my flight leaves Wednesday morning. As bummed as I am that I have one less day than I thought, I'm glad I remembered that this morning and not, say, Wednesday 24 hours after my flight.
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