March 31st, 2002


See that green diamond over my head?

I played some Sims at coldblackncold's house last night after a scrumptuous rib dinner and I have realized that I am a Sim. I wonder sometimes why I don't have little boxes in the upper left hand corner of my field of vision. I wake up, I use the bathroom (flushing and washing come naturally to me due to my Libran sense of neatness), I take a shower, I prepare food, I go to work, I come home, I use the bathroom, I prepare food, I watch some TV and dick around on the computer and then I go to bed. If I do not have social interaction after a few days, I become too depressed to study cooking or mechanics. Do not be surprised if next time I see you I spontaneously give you a backrub or begin dancing with you to no music.

I want to buy this game very very badly, but I'm worried about the wouldn't be long before I begin speaking in tongues.
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