April 10th, 2002


You have to ask yourself: Is This Good For The Company?

My tan fades and so doth my spirit. The time for my departure from this company is eminent. Particularly after the two-hour long meeting about the possible granting of "if"come on the condition that in five years we are still working here and that the Sun and Jupiter are in perfect alignment. I've had about $30,000 of if-come in my life already and I honestly don't need any more.

I'm getting back into my normal routine after the vacation and the following super-busy Week of Fun and Surprise Parties and am finding things to think about other than that I need to find time to get resumes out. I have noticed that there are fewer tourists on the Metro lately. I guess Spring Break or Easter Holiday or whatever you want to call it is over.

It seems like lots of people are having shitty times of it these past few days, though, so I shall refrain from complaints. Just here doing my part to make LJ a little more alive today.
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Inter-Office Acts of Agression:

I went up to the other floor and stole the following office supplies from a supply closet that belongs to a DIFFERENT DEPARTMENT. This is apparently a big deal to use other department's supplies, copiers, faxes, etc. See, because they have to monitor everyone's budget, see?

-Purple Highlighter (I had never seen one of that hue before)
-Reporter's Notebook (My purse notebook was getting slim and I liked the cut of this one's jib)
-4 "EarthWrite" Oldskool Pencils (for actual work use)

Today some DIFFERENT DEPARTMENT had a meeting in OUR CONFRENCE ROOM. They had their catered lunch sitting out in OUR HALLWAY while they had their meeing. When the meeting was over, the scraps were up for grabs. A guy from a DIFFERENT DEPARTMENT took the leftover cookies and stuff up to a DIFFERENT KITCHEN. If you're going to have a meeting in OUR CONFRENCE ROOM, the scraps go in OUR KITCHEN. I stole a Diet Coke before they even came out to get their first round of food.

My officemate and I ordered these shelving units about seven months ago. They installed them yesterday. They are uneven in two ways: they are not at the same height, and neither is level. For the amount of Drywall dust they left on my chair and desk, you'd think they'd measure.

I nearly killed one of our HR women the other week when a few hunks of the ice I was putting in my Burrito Brothers cup fell onto the floor and I just left it there. She came striding into the room, put her heel right down in the ice/puddle, and then nearly did one of those cartoon legs-fly-up-arms-flutter manuvers but caught herself on the counter just in time. If you cannot handle a little ice on the floor, it is my duty to train you. So now I leave from 1 to 3 cubes on the floor every day. A girl said to me last week, "I knew you were back from vacation because there's ice on the floor again."
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