April 17th, 2002


Generation Gap

This weekend while at the Price Club, I was torn between two televisions of comprable price. I was tossing back and forth between the two of them when my mom said to me, "Why don't we stop at the library on the way home and check to see which brand is rated better?"

I was stopped dead in my tracks. I swear to god, for a second my head was saying "library... library..."

"Oh!", I giggled, "you mean the Internet."
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In touch with my masculine side

When the parking attendant to bring my Strawberry Pearl 1995 Dodge Neon up from the bowels of the parking garage tonight, he stopped the car, I took a step towards, and he looked at me with a cocked eyebrow. "You?"

Yeah, I said, and he made this odd motion with his arms as if he were driving a car at warp speed and holding on to the wheel as he was forced back into the seat.

"I imagined...Man."

"You think this is a *man's* car?"

"Yeah. Man's car."

My car is a) a Neon and b) a color that can be described as nothing short of pink. Man's car? Take that, J-dogg.
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