April 22nd, 2002



I am in the foulest of foul moods today. Please, for the love of god and your own body, stay far far away.

I am exhausted. I was exhausted and hung over all day yesterday, got a good night's sleep, but have woken up with cold symptoms. I blame this on all of the immediate-satisfaction whiners in my apartment building who demanded the heating system be switched over to air conditioning last week during our hot spell. It was hot Saturday afternoon, so when I left for Baltimore, I left the windows open. I return Sunday to a freezing and damp icebox and I can't turn the heat on because it was hot for a day or so last week.

The radio warned of delays resulting from the "protesters" marching around and making general nuisances of themselves today. I will leave my editorial opinion on these people out of this. I will say that the resulting delays on the Metro were minimal. I still am pissed about the possibility of delay.

The coffee I bought this morning tasted like shit.

I need to find a new job, but I know I don't want to do what I'm doing now, I'd like to try something new, but I'm afraid of there being a huge pay cut in trying out a new career that would make trying something new cost-prohibitive. After working in Customer Service for years, I was excited about moving over to copyediting since I wouldn't have to talk to idiots all day long. Now, I find that copyediting is a lonely job, and I have to deal with idiots in my office all day long rather than having a lucky day when I manage to help and satisfy people. All I know is, the rats are starting to run off the ship over here (2 resignation notices in 1 week) and I have to get out of here as soon as possible. I don't want to take a new job at a place I'm only lukewarm about (like I did with this one) and find myself in this position in a year again. Merh.

I wanted to write an effervescent entry about how I had the time of my life at Keith and Carla's wedding on Saturday and to explain in full detail the wackiness of the events during, before, and after, but I will wait until my mood is more appropriate. An event like Keith and Carla's wedding deserves a proper recap.
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We're Out of Ideas.

I would like to say that last night's Simpsons may be the worst Simpsons yet. Worse than the one that Skinner turned out not to be Skinner.

Since the start of the show, they have mocked other shows for regurgitating old footage for new shows. From doing that mini-Hanna Barbera parody when they were walking past the water cooler in Itchy & Scratchy Studios, to how the Itchy & Scratchy Movie was 53% new material.

Last night, they went the way of the Golden Girls and did a clip show. I was and am still ashamed.
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