April 25th, 2002


We Went to JSBX

The guys in frnt of us must have thought it was some sort of Ragde Againtt The Machine show circa 1994--they were *moshing* for christ's sake. It was pathetic. IO had to grabe one of them by the collar and tell him and his bitch girlfriend (who was a gyy with long hair( that if they touched me again I would kick their fucking asses. Our man Clarence, the bouncer, shouwed up shortley thereafter and regulated shit. I tucked a five-spot in mhyhand ala Casino, asked for his name, thanked him, and the show ended. Once Clarence came around, there was no more trouble.

But I will say themost funn I had all night was riding home with Bob listening to the Talking Heads adn singing along. I want to do that more oftyen.
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I would also like to add

that I have to ve at work earlier than usual tomorrow for our "annual Meeting" which involves getting on a bus an dgoin gto Leesburg to look at a construction site and then comeing back for something.

Hopefully my earswill be riniging loud enough fo not hear anything.