May 1st, 2002


Bad News is Good News, in a way.

Not being one to bitch about a situation then do nothing about it, I have sent out six resumes since I last posted. Just doing that has helped me feel better about the whole thing. My boss also flooded me with compliments while we were talking this morning. It's no secret that pretty much everyone in the company is trying to move on, so we're all pretty open about helping each other find leads and update our resumes. She told me that I have helped her grow professionally in the year that I have been here, that I have helped her be a better manager, and that my input has been indispensable. She said she'd take me with her wherever she goes if she could.

The downer part was really only so much of a bummer since it was really nothing more than a reality check. She said to me that a big part of her frustration is that she realizes my job is dead end and that there's nothing she can do to fix that and hates to see me wasting time here. So, I know for sure that this is a go-nowhere job, and at least I know that my skills are recognized and that it's acknowledged that I'm being under used.

On with the search then.
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