May 2nd, 2002


I'm Only Happy When It Rains.

It's amazing what an a.m. thunderstorm will do to uplift one's mood. Yesterday I was mowing down bastards in the Metro. Strollers were everywhere, escalators were blocked, people moseying around like it was Sunday morning. But today, I just let it all go. I figured the rain would make the commute horrific, and it didn't live up to my expectations. I got to my deli in time to get the last cup of flavored coffee, and laughed my ass off at the cereal photoshops on Somethingawful. Not even meetings can bring me down today.

I had a very vivid dream that I was in Atlantic City with my brother and Mickey. I played some sort of game in which I bet on Elvis's Leather Jacket/#25 and won $9,000. I was figuring that I would use one of the thousand dollars to continue playing and the other eight for bills and stuff. Mickey was in the bathroom and my brother and I were sitting in front of machines in which colored acrylic containers all held dollar coins as a sort of thank-you from the casino for playing. I took the car-shaped one and left the heart-shaped one for Mick. Then we went outside to go to the next casino since the one we were in wanted fifty cents to use the bathroom and the waves were about 20 feet tall and for some reason there was no boardwalk, only sand, and our feet were getting wet.

All I know is, if I can find a game in which I can bet on Elvis's Leather Jacket, here I come.
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Han Solo Shot First, God Damn It.

I watched about forty minutes of the doctored Return of the Jedi on TV tonight and had to stop after coming to the realization that Jabba's pit of slime and villany had become some good-time-happy blues bar where Boba Fett goes to get a piece of ass.

My confidence for Episode II is waning yet again.
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