May 7th, 2002


It's gonna need some rustproofing.

Next time I need to get work done on my car, I'm going to have one of you guys do the talking on the phone for me. I got the good ol' dress routine from both of the two grease monkeys I've taken my car to in two days. Just when I thought I was the slickness yesterday morning for telling the guy not to bother doing the oil change since he wanted $27 for what Jiffy Lube would do for $19--and getting him to cave and do it for $19. Then he tells me it's going to be $560 for the work on my car: my rear struts need to be replaced. I call around and get another place to do it for $350. The first guys won't bend for this, so I took it to the second place last night.

They call this morning and start talking about my front struts and how they're fine *now* but if I don't replace them, they'll start sounding as bad as my back ones. I ask him what about the back ones, and he says even after they replace the back ones, there is only a 50% chance the loud rattling banging that comes from my rear passenger wheel will go away, since there are little rubber stoppers in there that are damaged that they for some reason are not going to replace.

He kept talking on and on about something else to do with the front of my car and I had to literally tell him to stop talking about it since he wasn't going to be doing any work on it anyway. He gave me the "you're a fool" sigh, and told me after the road test they will determine if changing the rear strut will solve the banging problem. What gets me about that is, changing the little parts that are contributing to the banging must be way less lucrative than changing the front struts, since he's all pushing and prodding to do preventative maintenence on the front struts, but will not do necessary maintenence on the stoppers and whatnot in the rear.

I was a fool to go to college.
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Mechanic Update

They just called to tell me the work is finished and that I need to be there before 5:30 when they close. I asked what the total was so I could prepare that and he said "It's $338.98 for the front strut replacement."

"Front struts? You mean rear struts, right?"

"um...oh, yeah. Rear struts."

"Are you *sure*? Because, you guys tried to sell me front struts this morning and I told you I only wanted rear ones."

"Yeah. Rear struts only."

Mother of sweet fucking Christ. If they put front struts on instead of the back ones I don't know what kind of hell I'm going to raise.
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What A Day

I got written confirmation from the mechanic that they did in fact replace the rear struts and not the front ones. The guy at the register, who I for some reason think is the owner, talked to me at great length about how much he likes the movie The Client before totalling up my bill and taking me out to look at the new struts.

I headed to National Airport after that. Last year, when I went to visit my mom and go to the beach for the weekend, I was offered a voucher for a free round-trip ticket anywhere the airline flies if I waited two hours for the next flight. After September 11, the airline practically went under and I figured the voucher was useless. However, they're up and flying again, I called, the voucher is still good, and as a result, I will be flying to see my mom for only the $9 sales tax on the ticket. The only headache here is that I have to go to the airport customer service desk to exchange the voucher for an actual ticket.

I get to Terminal A to find that they have turned the Terminal A short-term parking into an employee lot, so I have to go to the next terminal. And, of course, the check in desks are as far from Terminal B as they can be. I get to the desk to find it empty. A security guard looks up from his paper to inform me that they had up and closed, but they'd be open tomorrow at ten. I asked when they close, and he said at noon, but they'd be open again at around 3:30 until around 5 or 6 "ish". Realizing that I had spent half of what I'll be paying for the ticket on parking to obtain this nugget of information, I grit my teeth and tell the guard, "must be nice...I'd like to work that little," and began my journey back across the terminal.

I'm beat, and feel beaten. Today has been exhausting.
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