May 11th, 2002


Also in Fairfax...

I met a black man named Ira tonight.

I didn't think men named Ira came in the black variety.

I told him he didn't look like any other Ira I had ever met, and he said he was willing to put money on the fact that he's the only black Ira out there.

He said he got the name from his mother majoring in Hebrew Studies and that Ira means "flower in the storm" or something like that.
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Where the Stores Are...oh, no wait...that's Tyson's.

When Brian offered to drive me home from the party last night, he graciously offered to drive me back to pick up my car this morning. Okay, so it turned out to be more like this afternoon.

I have been meaning to do clothes shopping for some time, and since I was going to be out in that direction, I went to the Fair Oaks Mall. I felt an obligation to go there, seeing as how pathetic the recent radio commercials they've been running have made the place sound. The pitch seems to be that Fair Oaks has only the stores you *need* without any extras you don't; the necesseties. "And, we have lots of places you'll like that other malls don't: parking places."

Riiiight. So it's not that the mall is small, it's efficient. It's not that it's empty, it's spacious. It's not that it's a bad mall, they just are secure enough to admit that other malls are better.
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