May 13th, 2002


Call me Stella

I got a 20oz cup of Toasted Vanilla Almond coffee this morning, prepared it just how I liked it, slipped the cup in the little coffee sleeve and tried to snap the lid on. The lid, however, was putting up some resistance, so I pressed harder. This did not result in the lid fitting snugly in the brim lip, it kinda mushed the brim down in a weird way. I took the lid off, re-applied, and figured I was good to go.

About four steps out the deli door, the mushed parts of the brim started dribbling hot hot coffee. I walked the next three blocks to my office with my coffe cup as far away from my stone-colored slacks as I could hold it, cursing the deli and everyone around me. The lid fell off about halfway there. Just as I stepped in the building, the cup slid down in my hand and I caught it from hitting the floor with seconds to spare. The steady line of coffee dribble had eroded a line down the side of the coffee sleeve thing, making it useless.

My hands stink and my coffee is now cold. This is not what I needed on a icky humid icky morning such as this one.
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