May 14th, 2002


Why Must I Be Constantly Surrounded By Freaking Idiots?

The mornings when I'm surrounded by the stupidest people in the world turn out to be my best mornings. Maybe it's the release of tension, or the tangible target for my anger, but I'm in a great mood today. So far, here's what's happened:

Woke up to bright sunny day, took shower, prepared for day, wearing snazzy outfit that I look damn good in, if I may say so myself. Left for shuttle. Managed to be the third to last person on. It gets stupid from here on out.

8:22. The Yellow is coming NOW. Move to left side of escalator so that I can walk down it. Meet with the back of some hapless idiot. Inform him to please *walk* on the left hand side, sir. He mutters something to his idiot cohort that "it's very different". Fucking tourists. Two steps down, meet with another back, this time of a man who is trying to convince the person in front of him to tell the mother attached to the child standing on the left side to get out of the way, but the person doesn't seem to think this should be done. Run onto Yellow train, doors chiming closed behind me. Make the young man who thinks his bag gets its own seat to move his bag and I sit next to him even though I'm only riding for one stop and would have been better off standing in the vacant spot by the door. Triumph.

Switch trains. Drop gym bag on the foot of the guy who refused to move his foot from the space in front of my seat. Move to spot in front of door a stop before mine while the train fills behind me. I noticed when I got on the train that my farecard was getting to the end of the row. Try to use it one more time to get out of the station: FARECARD FULL. TRADE IN FOR NEW CARD. Go to the exitfare machine to trade in for new card: SEE STATION MANAGER FOR ASSISTANCE. Find Station Manager W. Washington lounging in the station office chatting on the phone. He barely looks up at me, then tucks the mouthpiece under his chin and looks at me. I hold farecard up to window. He asks if he can help me. I explain the full card/no exchange situation. He pushes the door open with his foot, still sitting with the phone on his shoulder. Situation concludes promptly with him allowing me to just leave without paying.

I walk out into the sunshine, give a nice lady directions, catch all of my lights, get a nice cup of coffee that doesn't leak, I'm still looking flash in my outfit, and am now on cloud nine. Shithead commuters, I could kiss you.
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