May 15th, 2002


Serenity now, Insanity later.

The monkeys at the helm of my work have come to a new low. I barely have the capapcity or patience to even think about it anymore, but the gist is that they realize now that in order to produce in the numbers they expect, we'll need to hire more people. We laid off four people three months ago. So basically, we need to rehire those people. They said we had to lay them off because we didn't have the money, but either suddenly now we do, or someone else's job is on the line. It fills me with a dark fear that the people in charge can't make a decision to stick with for more than 3 months. Serenity now.

While trying to straighten my car into a parking space in a garage last night, I managed to scrape about 2ft. of my rear panel across a support beam, leaving behind white paint stripes and a vertical-line dent. 2 more payments on that car and I go do some boneheaded thing that causes pointless cosmetic damage. Serenity now.

I could not sleep for shit last night and woke up so tired it hurt.

I refuse to acknowledge any of these happenings.
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