May 17th, 2002


Total Immersion

My Real World obsession has hit a new low.

I've taken to reading New Orleans Melissa's online diary. It's captivating. And what's best, she's confirmed the no-TV thing: "There are no TVs in the Real World houses. If there were, we would all get along while we watch videos and Trading Spaces."

She's got a point there.

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Dog Balls

As Summer Approaches

I sure hope that when they open the pool in my Apartment Complex that they actually put chlorine in it this year. I swam in it twice last year and I got two sinus infections.

I like pools. I don't like sinus infections.
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Believe the Hype

Sunday, I was at the World Market, which is an all-import store that sells everything from Vietnamese rice candy to Austrailian table wines to Wispa Biscuits, as well as Indonesian blankets, Portugese pottery and other housewares. It is a joy to browse in.

In the back, near the coffees, next to the single-serving packets of Nutella, I found Pocky, the snack so good, chaobell registered a complaint with UPS when it did not arrive at her house in pristine condition. I figured it was worth the $1.50.

Believe it baby. This stuff is good enough to write a letter for.
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TV Wasteland

I find myself trapped in a bizarre 1989 time capsule. I'm watching shows on ABC that I haven't seen in over ten years: America's Funniest Home Videos and Bloopers, hosted by Dick Clark.

I was going to say they haven't changed their Friday night lineup since then, but I realized ABC was the home of TGIF: a friday night block on which Full House, Perfect Strangers, that damn Erkel show whose name I can't remember, and even for a time, The Charmings, a sitcom featuring the adventures of a woken-up-in-modern-times Snow White and Prince Charming struggling with adjusting to the modern world.

Duh...America's Funniest Home Videos and Bloopers were on Sunday. Jeez.
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