May 23rd, 2002


I'm a Roofer.

Yesterday, I spent the day in volunteering with Habitat for Humanity through this arrangement with work. I felt quite like Peter Gibbons as I traded my computer-screen glare and mouse-wrist ache for a knotted back and blisters on my hands. It was very refreshing to actually *work* and produce something worthwhile. While crouched on the roof of the house chalking lines to lay roof shingles, I notice the time, turn to one of my co-workers and remind him that everyone else at the office is sitting around listening to our daily time wasting meeting. Fuckin' A, man.

Since I was one of the few volunteers who isn't afraid of heights, I was assigned to nailing shingles onto the roof for the day. I thought it would be my back hurting today, but my legs have never been more sore. Squat, crouch, kneel, crawl, crouch, squat, kneel, stand, descend ladder, ascend ladder, walk up roof pitch, squat, crawl, kneel. All day. And while I'm trobbing with soreness, I feel mad diesel.

One of the guys I was working with eerily enough, turned out to be a New Zealander who was waiting out his fiancee visa so he could marry the American he met last year. He said he was volunteering because he couldn't stand to sit around his apartment anymore (which odder still, turns out to be in my complex) waiting for paperwork to process. Wow. I was unemployed for four months and never did anything that charitable or at best productive. I just wore the same clothes every day.

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I had the strangest dream...

Last night I dreamt that I was fishing from a boat in the ocean with a rod with no reel. I feel a tug and pull back and a pelican is on my hook. I pull it in and the people I'm with say it's bad luck to catch a bird. I hold the pelican and try to get the hook out of his mouth. He's being very cooperative, but I can't seem to get it out. Somehow, the hook disappears and the bird flies free from my hands. The people say it's a good thing because they were worried the pelican would weigh down the boat.
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