May 31st, 2002


I Don't Wanna Work

And thanks to this new feature, I don't have to:

Friends of friends. The most recent posts by the friends of your friends. Example: This will only work for those of us with the bling and the bling to pay for our accounts, however.

Thanks to segue for pointing it out.

P.S. Do not get greedy with this. I had to find out the hard way that friendsfriendsfriends doesn't work.
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I'm in a Silly Good Mood.

Why? I'll tell ya why.

-Saw Star Wars again * last night. Ate Sweedish Fish. The cookie I bought was bad, but the Fish made up for it.

-Mickey got pictures back from our trip to Europe (god, was it a year and a half ago?) and in it was three pictures of Harrod's in London dolled up for Christmas. They made me so happy I got misty.

-Good night's sleep.

-Overslept, but still made it to the shuttle bus on time.

-Ran and caught the train at the platform.

-After running to catch my transfer train, the doors close right in front of me. I stood there disappointed for a second, and they re-opened. I move to step into the train and the doors slam shut on my thigh. I stood there paralyzed by the door for a second, it reopened and released me from it's grip. Teased me with a few opens and closes but I was not fooled again. Everyone on the train was staring at me like I was some kind of moron and maybe I was. But I imagine it was very funny to see my denim-clad pantleg stuck in the door with a fresh little shelltoe dangling from it.

-The coffee I got was delicious.

-I'm wearing my new favorite shirt and new favorite necklace.

-The Talking Heads were on Spinner earlier.

-veejay will be in town this weekend. Come one come all to Adams Morgan Saturday night.

-I've been having an unusual amount of fun playing on LJ this morning.

-Pineapple-driving-a-car goes beep beep beep beep.

-It's summery summery out there.
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Bad News

VJ cancelled for the weekend. He just called me from the Delaware Memorial Bridge saying that his folks have to go to an emergency funeral and no one else can help move his sister out of her dorm at NYU that she has to be out of by tomorrow. Poo.
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