June 6th, 2002


I dialed 911 a long time ago...

Last night sucked it hard.

I drove my car in to work yesterday so I could spend a little extra time at the gym and still get home at a reasonable time. I woke up late yesterday morning and found my usual parking garages full by the time I got in. Parked in a garage a block or so away, went to work, had a great and unhurried time at the gym, returned to pick up my car.

First flag raises after I hand them my ticket to go retrieve the car from the basement and people three behind me are getting their cars first. Finally, mine comes up the ramp, and the guy tells me to wait as he climbs over my console and out the passenger side door. He comes over to tell me in cut English that the "door is hard".

Fuck that. The door wasn't hard, it was broken: stuck shut. They pulled and pulled on it, but all they really did was spread the inner panel from the outside of the door. I was filled with a boiling fury. I asked them what they did to the door, and they kept saying that it's "hard". I asked them what they were going to do to fix it and they looked at me blankly. I believe at some point the words "I'm going to sue the living fuck out of you" slipped out of my mouth, but I can't be sure. They told me I had to talk to Alfredo their manager, but he wouldn't be in until tomorrow, so to come back. I demanded for my money back, but then rescinded, worrying that that would count against me later.

This woman who was also waiting for her car told me that she's had something similar happen to her and to get an insurance form from them, but not to get to mad at the attendants because there's really nothing they could do and that I'd only get myself worked up. I ask for an insurance form, they give me Alfredo's number again. I ask for an insurance form and get it. They insist that there's nothing that can be done without Alfredo, who won't be in until the morning. At that point, I notice a sign hanging up that says "NO DAMAGE CLAIMS WILL BE CONSIDERED UNLESS FILED BEFORE VEHICLE LEAVES THE PREMISES."

So I call the cops.

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Making a Habit of things

What? Margaritas and Mexican eats

Where? Chevy's at Pentagon City

When? Friday: 6:30ish

Why? The margaritas are delicious. It's friday. It's going to be hot. We all got right shitty last friday. It's metro-accessible so nobody has an excuse. The margaritas are delicious. And they come in fishbowl-sized glasses.
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I sure play a mean pinball

The shop down the street where I buy my cigarettes has an arcade in the back room. I have known it was there for a while, but it never really registered until today when I heard the telltale sounds of Centipede being played. I venture back there to find along with Centipede, Ms. Pac Man, Missile Command, a few others, and three pinball machines: Fish Tales, Theater of Magic, and Funhouse.

Needless to say, getting work done is going to be even harder now that I know a nice game of pinball is a mere block away.
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