June 10th, 2002


That's my fun day

I was in a wonderfully relaxed and peaceful mood until about 10:20 this morning. I choose not to expand on why my mood was crushed at that time, but I will say it has to do with a meeting that the topic of which gives me a headache. Yesterday was perfectly Zen. Slept in, had a nice breakfast, went to the gym, went to Wendy's, did some grocery shopping, and cleaned my apartment.

I tried out the mysterious Trader Joe's grocery store that I had heard so much about through friends and the J. Peterman-esque fliers they send out every month. Dark chocolate is the darling of the candy world nowadays, so we at Trader Joe's bring you our dark chocolate-covered pretzels.... It was fun there but impractical. Call me either organically ignorant or just plain savvy, but I have no interest in a $5 jar of au natural peanut butter or a can of organic Ajax. What they didn't have in staples, they made up for in interesting little things like baked potato snack sticks and dried pears and premade bruchetta and buffalo meat hamburger patties. I was also able to find the elusive Fruit Leather, but Trader Joe's, on the whole, is a supplementary place for extras and by no means satisfies the weekly grocery list. And a tip to anyone who goes to the one in Old Town: don't bother with the cart. It's more trouble than it's worth.

I spent some time updating my social calendar this morning and the summer is growing shorter and shorter. The good side of this is that I've got tons of fun stuff coming up, but the down side is that it's going to just zoom by.
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