June 12th, 2002


I want a pity party.

-Rent raised.
-Car door sticks shut, have to enter through passenger door and climb over console for 5 days.
-Will most likely have to move out of office into cubicles.
-Realize yet again that I work for a company that nurtures mediocrity and strives for goals they cannot reach, therefore setting selves up for repeated failure.
-No bites on the resumes I have sent out.
-No good jobs listed on monster. Not that I know what I want to do anyway.
-Take car to mechanic to repair door Sunday night. Find out Monday that they can't fix it there, to take it to a body shop. Figure I'll get the dent that I inflicted on the car while backing out of a parking space and scraping my rear panel along a support beam.
-Take car to body shop for repairs Monday night. Told by body guy that I'd have an estimate that Tuesday. 5pm, no estimate. I call, find out that they haven't even set eyes on the car yet.
-Wednesday morning estimate: $54 for the stuck door, $850 for the dent.
-Come to terms with the fact that my car is 8 years old and while I love it dearly and it is the cutest car in the world, it is not worth $850 to make cosmetic repairs.

-Rocket ship lamp.
-Atlantic City--9 days.
-I don't have scabies.
-The photos that Dale mailed to me came with $0.58 postage due. I'll get right on that. Nothing pleases me more than knowing those fuckers got shortchanged. Fly Like an Eagle, my ass.
-If I wash the paint streak off, the scrape will be less noticeable. Since the dent is right over the wheel well, I may be able to pull it out a bit. Apply color wax...my Sweet Justice may be scarred, but she'll still be beautiful.

Must focus on the positive.
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And ties? Oh, yeah. We've got ties.

I don't claim to know too much about futbol or the World Cup, but the ESPN recaps I was watching of the Paraguay/Slovenia game made me realize one thing:

If you head the ball into the net for the winning goal, you're the super-studmonkey laid guy.
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