June 13th, 2002


Walk on the Political Side

I refuse to read debate anymore. No offense, Mr. Moderator. I'm angry enough from merely taking public transportation. The last thing I need is to get riled up about the inane rantings of 17-year-olds who as soon as they pay their first bill will realize how naive they were when they were in high school.

It does sicken me to think that this is the kind of mentality that the public school system is fostering, but then again, I believed lots of those liberal pie-in-the-sky fantasies when I was a child too. The liberal mentality is very easy to swallow for a high school kid: it's instantly gratifying and it requires self-hatred and a certainty that someone else is going to take care of you. What 17-year-old doesn't a) want to feel good fast b) hate themselves and c) expect someone else to clean up after them?

The only thing I take comfort in is that they will grow out of it like so many training bras. And it won't take much. The menstruation of responsibility and self-reliance will bust them straight into the C-cup of adulthood. Once mommy isn't around to provide them food and shelter, once they realize no one will like you more than you like yourself, and once they realize sometimes you actually have to work for things in your life, they'll realize they need to look out for number one before anyone else.

And they too will look at 17-year-olds, get angry, then shake their heads. It's like seeing a bunch of high schoolers being loud in a diner. Yeah, they're really annoying. But you did that in high school and you were damn cool doing it. I just need to keep that tsk, tsk thinking in my mind while I read these kids on debate.

Thank you. I feel much better. I be here all zee week.
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Pico de Cracko

Why won't Baja Fresh sell premade tubs of their pico de gallo? Why must they force my hand into petty thievery? Every time I go into the place, I leave with upwards of 14 of their little to-go cuplets of the stuff. If they only gave me the chance, I'd pay for it. But they refuse.

Inevitably, there is someone else standing at the crowded fixins bar doing the same thing. I curse them for making me wait to take gluttonous advantage of the generously offered free salsa, and am then shamed by my own hypocracy.
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