June 27th, 2002


They'll fall for THIS!

Last night while walking to the metro, a Gentleman of the Street was standing in the park tossing bread crumbs at a pack of pidgeons while smoking a cigarette. When he got to the butt, he tossed it at them in the same fashion as he was tossing the bread crumbs and shouted "EAT IT! EAT IT!" The pidgeons scattered away from the cigarette and kind of looked at the guy with this familiar expression on its face.

I hadn't seen a look like that on the face of an animal since I was in Amsterdam. While relaxing in the type of establishment the town is famous for, the house cat came bouncing up to our table/couch area and began frolicking with us. One of my friends got the idea that he was going to hold the cat down and blow a lungful of smoke in the cat's face. The cat did fidget or fight out of my friends grasp while he held it by the scruff of it's neck, rather, it patiently allowed him to do so, all the while giving him this look as if to say "real fucking original, douchebag. Do you actually think you're the first one to think of this?"

Just like the pidgeons from last night, the cat scampered away from us; and just like the man from last night, my friend thought he had just pulled a fast one on the animal.
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