July 18th, 2002


Fuckkity Fuck Fuck Fuck

Midway, the airline I was booked to fly to the beach with my mom this weekend on, just went under. I have to go to the airport and see if they can transfer me to another airline.

Instant karma. This is what I get for fucking over a corporation yesterday. I was really excited about this trip. Wish me luck.
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Woo hoo! Beach is ON baby.

2 1/2 hours of standing on lines at National later, I've got a new ticket. Apparently they were honoring Midway tickets at US Airways who bought them out. I managed to get almost the same flight times too.

The sweetest part is that this actually ended up saving me money. I had originally been booked for last weekend, but changed it to this weekend and they were going to charge me a $50 transfer fee. That seemed to get overlooked today...
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