July 24th, 2002


Feel Free to Capitalize on my Obsession

I *love* making travel arrangements. Even more than I love writing party invitations.

I love looking for and finding the best prices for hotels and particularly airline flights. Finding that good airfare to Hawaii this spring was probably the most gratifying thing I have done in a long time. It was so fun to hunt for and the satisfaction of finding that awesome fare was such a reward. I'll even look for flights and hotels at places I'm not going and trips I am not taking just to know. Just to do it.

My brother has used this passion of mine to his advantage and asked me to find him a flight for his mini-honeymoon this November, and I happily accepted. So, if ever you guys are trying to find a cheap flight or a cheap hotel rate, let me know and I'll find it for you. Just give me the chance and I shall make you a happy traveler.

If only there were some sort of *job* in which I could make travel arrangemnts for a living.
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Small World

Fark linked this article last week with the teaser Teen burns down house after dad refuses to buy him $40,000 car.

It reminded me of a rumor I heard about this girl from my graduating class who a year after we graduated burned half of her house down when her parents came home with the wrong brand of orange juice. Yeah, we knew she wasn't all that balanced before, and probably was touched mentally in many ways, but none of us suspected this. I mean, the worst she had ever done before was pantomime things like "Car Driving off Cliff" at the lunch table upon request.
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