July 25th, 2002



I ran into a loose acquaintence from college in the Metro station last night. I have seen him in there previously, but I didn't hang out with or know him well enough in college to go out of my way to go say hi. So I figured as long as eye contact wasn't made, it would be one less awkward "sowhatchaupto" conversations.

Last night as I was running to catch the Blue train, he physically bumped into me on the escalator and apologized. I said, "it's okay, Rich" and smiled. He said some omigodhowareyou's and said, "I heard you got married, congratulations!" um, no... "engaged then?" nope... "oh, well, hmm...sowhatchaupto?"

We chitchatted on the train and found out we work across the street from each other. He asked me who I hang out with still and told him I haven't seen the two guys through which I had met him in years, hoping that this would somehow remind him of who I am. Jobs good, life good, etc. Then just before he gets off the train he gives me his card and says I should email him sometime. I wonder what in the hell he would do with an email from me. If he remembers who I am, he knows me as Mej, so really, what would an email from some chick named Megan mean to him?
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