July 31st, 2002



soarjubs and I were just talking about the state of the world and how there's a whole lot of sickness goin' on. Sparky mentioned he was worried that the recent string of kidnappings and abductions are going to instill such a fear and paranoia in parents that their children will not be able to have a relaxed childhood. That got me to thinking about how when I was a pup, a similar outbreak of kidnappings was going on and we seem to have come out of it okay. But there was the paranoia.

Saturday morning cartoons were saturated with "Don't talk to Strangers" PSA's. I remember my mom going out of her way not to buy me clothes with my name on them because if a stranger saw something with my name on it, they may trick me into thinking they know me. She told me that if someone I didn't know asked me to get in the car with them, even if they said she was in the hospital dying, not to do it. We had to break all of our Halloween candy in half to make sure there wasn't a bobby pin in it or anything.

The solution, they said, was to have a password. The word that your parents and you only knew so that in case of emergency and a stranger *had* to pick me up, they'd say the password and it would be okay. We got ours when we were reading a Babar book. Did anyone else have a password?
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