August 20th, 2002


Note to self: buy new spatula.

In an attempt to better myself, I have decided to try and make the things that I frequently buy at the grocery store. My first endeavor is hummus. I figure it's something I buy fairly regularly, is easy and far more inexpensive to make, and hopefully will be met with encouraging success so that I am confident to try making more things.

I found some recipes on, and most called for this stuff called tahnini that I did not find in the grocery store (I did find an enormous tub of taheneh which may very well be the same thing, but since the recipe only called for a tablespoon or two, this was way too much), so I chose the recipe that was only canned garbanzos, olive oil, and a few spices. I mix everything together, dump it in my blender and get to stirrin'.

I learned that a blender made specifically for turning ice cubes into margaritas will make short work of a plastic spatula; only after, of course, I'm scooping my fresh hummus into a bowl, complete with shards of plastic.

The second attempt, however, went better. Too olivey, but still pretty good. Back to Giant for another $0.88 can of beans and another whirl.
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To fellow gym members:

Gentlemen, please do not fart during your cardio routine. It is very distracting.

Old lady who uses the treadmills, whatever it is that makes you smell like cinnamon buns is also very distracting, but in a different way.
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