August 23rd, 2002


I'm having a better day before 10am than I have had all week.

-Woke up late, dragged feet getting ready, but still made it in time for the shuttle. Swish.

-I was assigned to review these eight documents by the end of today, granted that I received them by like Tuesday. I received them last night, emailed my boss that I'd do my best to get them done today and she said I didn't have to finish them, just to do what I can. And she's out today too.

-I got outbid on a CD I was trying for on ebay for $1.08, but found another copy for $0.99 and cheaper shipping.

-htothem just got a new cell phone and was going to discard her old one. It's in perfect working condition other than it needs a new battery. I asked if I could see if it would work on my plan, as my old phone is, while a very nice phone in 1998, isn't really doing the trick anymore. Turns out: her old phone works on my plan, and I found the necessary battery on ebay for $15. We will be visiting the Sprint Store this afternoon. Not only has she given me a new phone, but saved me either a significant amount of my own money or a birthday present slot (which, btw, is exactly 30 days away).

-Stitches removed in 4hours, 45mins
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