August 29th, 2002


Dee da-dee dee dee.

I wish I knew what to attribute this lovely little mood I've found myself in.

Little nip in the air today? Possibly.

First wearing of the windbreaker? Could be.

Finishing a crossword puzzle on the train? One might think.

Knowing that the burner that has been sitting in my closet for nearly two years is now in my computer and happily waiting to satisfy my burning needs (special thanks to ao)? It may be that.

Boy George? Most definately.
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    Boy George - I'll Tumble 4 Ya

But Henchman #1 Has a Family!

The owner of the company just sent out an email about how happy he is that we just acquired another company and what a great thing it is for us, expanding our realm into new fields blah blah. That's cool.

But then he goes on to say how we'll be moving their office from Philadelphia to DC, and that "The existing editor, publisher, and two sales executives will join [us] to run the business."

That part kinda bummed me out. 4 people from that company still have jobs. The me at that company is probably frantically searching Monster (so we're not that different after all), worrying about next month's rent and most likely getting really drunk with her former co-workers tonight. I bet the email she got was really different.

End sappy bleeding-heart post.
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