September 3rd, 2002


Countdown is on

I'm in a pleasant mood. Nothing overly happy, but I'm not pissed off or anything. Beautiful morning, woke up feeling refreshed in my clean clean apartment, had a great night's sleep, the promise of autumn is in the air, and I actually had a decent commute.

It is now 8:52am. I'll post again when work crushes my soul.
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Once you're up there, you can't come down. Not for a Phish concert, not even for Burning Man.

So the new morning yabbos on the Oldies channel really make me sick. The show used to be a guy who played music, minimal radio banter, traffic, weather, news. They changed formats to your average morning show, featuring Murphy and Cash, the fake-sarcastic guy and the overly-hyper young midwestern chick running little contests, throwing their four cents around about everything, and epitomizing everything else that is wrong with morning radio shows.

On Mondays, they do this thing where they allow people to call up and say in normally 5 seconds or less what they did that weekend. Usually it's "my daughter turned four" or "I graduated community college" or something else like that. Then they ooh and aah and go to the next caller.

Today, a lady called up to say she spent the weekend at BURNING MAN. Murphy and Cash (and I'm sure about 98% of the listening audience) were stumped. "How do all those people have a party in the desert? What do you do the whole time? What do you mean they leave no trace? Do they burn it down?"

Come on, people. Don't make Oldies channel listeners try to think about Burning Man.

Work has yet to crush my soul today. Even though I posted. 3h 38mins
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