September 9th, 2002


Give a yard, take a yard.

Upside of the start of the football season: It is humanly possible to shop at Potomac Yards, the gigantic Target/Sports Authority/Best Buy/Barnes and Noble/TJMaxx/Shoppers Food Warehouse/Old Navy "big box store" strip mall that serves nearly all of Washington DC, Arlington and Alexandria on a Sunday. Mickey and I went there yesterday without even thinking and we could see pavement for 50 feet in front of the car. We weren't cut off once. I actually began to think we had somehow slept through Sunday and woken up on Monday, or the Stand had begun.

Downside of the start of the football season: Morons will now be calling radio stations helmetting about what happened during the game. REDSKINS ROOLE! WHOO! SPURRIER IS GOING TO BURY THE HATCHET ON THEM COWBOYS! LET ALL THEM TEAMS KNOW THAT WHEN THEY COME TO WASHINGTON THEY BETTER BE READY FOR WAR! WHOO! I'm all for spirit, team unity and passion, but come on.
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