September 22nd, 2002


Birfdee Partyp

Thank you everyone who came to my birfdee paetyy. Kokopooli's is my favorite abar. the girl I helped trhow up gave me a cared that she drewon a napkin but you guys gave me sOpranos that I can play on my new DVDd player. I gave her water and popcorn and otold her to drink too mufch wat3er so she'd throw up now and not tomorro w and she drew meeeeeeeeee a card for that ,. Her name is Chris. Thaank you Chris. I hope ou don't varff tomorrow and not tonight. I got Sousa tequila and Aopeanos and inner and I fucking love aNn Coulter sje makes me proud to have a uterus and I got the sopranos with them all on asubry park looking hard an all I had to do wass curl the foil down far enough to see pualy walnuts and i knew what I gpt. tjat
s a;; O wanted. OI waasmt ex[ectomg a DVD player or anythin;/ Whjat afun birthday party. You sh oul d have beem there.
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