September 24th, 2002


My Schedule is Full.

If having a fantastic birthday wasn't enough, my schedule for the coming weeks couldn't be more exciting.

Friday afternoon, I will be heading to New York for the weekend for my brother's fiancee's bachelorette party. Friday night bar crawling, Saturday she's choosing a museum to go to for the afternoon, and Saturday night the full-on bachelorette party embarassment will ensue, the details of which I will not be posting for fear of ruining her surprises. Sunday morning, another surprise for my future sister-in-law, and then it's back home. I'm hoping the sniveling selfish little babies don't get in my way too much upon my departure from the DMZ. Come on, really. Do the big corporations really care if a bunch of bored college students stand around in a park? Is making it hard for me to get to and from work one day really going to stop globalization? Think people.

Next friday: Stones, baby. That's right. I missed seeing the Grateful Dead; I will NOT miss the Rolling Stones.

Between now and Nov. 16 (the wedding): get bridesmaids dress fitted, find dress for rehearsal dinner, buy fall/winter clothes.

The anticipation is exhausting.
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Globalize Capitalism!

The office manager just sent out a warning message about Friday, including two links for information about the planned protests:

Globalize This! who has a nice calendar of events that points you to the second site our office manager recommended. Apparently, Globalize This! is just Abolish The Bank's snotty little brother.

Abolish the Bank: more detailed, and with helpful hints about where to eat vegan in DC, locals who have volunteered to shack up these revolutionists, and since mewling whiners share a common language, links in French.
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