September 26th, 2002


Conspiracies for all!

There were a lot of cops around this morning. There was one at the top of the Metro escalator, one in an "undercover" SUV blipping his siren rather than honking his horn to try to get out of the gridlock (smooooth), and one on the corner of Vermont and L. This is the one that really raised my eyebrows. Covered in zits, wearing glasses, the kid looked about 19. Then, underneath his rainsmock, all I could see was a T-shirt poking through. I'd hate to see these brats get taken down for impersonating police officers.
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I found a real cop while I was walking to lunch and asked him if the "kid" on Vermont and L was actually an officer. He asked me if he was wearing a hat with no markings on it and I explained what I remembered about him. The cop said that the kid is an officer in training, and since they really can't do much else with them, they stick them on street corners.

I apologized for my paranoia, and he said the area at work should be fine, but to avoid the 14th St. Bridge all day tomorrow, as they will be setting up anti-hippie camp there at 4am.
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