October 11th, 2002


Getting some Satisfaction

If I keep listening to this BritneySpearsDJs channel on Spinner, I might just get out of this ugly mood I've been in for the past week or so.

And for the record, you just go right on ahead with your cute self Britney and cover all the damn rock and roll classics you want to. I love them all. That girl on TV can't tell you how tight your skirts can be. You've got your own identity.
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List time

Okay, things to be happy about:

Got one of the girls at work to order me of those clicky eraser sick things that I love so dearly and actually managed to scam two (2) of them because I tend to "lose" them. Lose them in my house maybe. I love those erasers. Now to get them to order some Pentel Varsity disposable fountain pens. I love them more.

I, unlike many people around me, have Monday off. I have also made very few plans for this weekend. That longass list of things I have been needing to get done (including sleep) will get done.

I got my new car insurance policy for an agreeable rate. I chose Liberty Mutual for the reason alone that they encourage electronic payment. They had the same rates as the other places, but they offered no downpayment and no monthly billing fee if I chose electronic debit. I will continue to support businesses that support the break from paper.

coldblackncold, my brother and I had a tight game of Cities and Knights last night. Even though I lost, I had a good time and savored the last of my Blackberry Merlot Arbor Mist. Add that to my shopping list for this weekend.

I found gloves that FIT at Old Navy the other night. Those of you who have not met me in person (or those of you who have not met me during the oft-repeated drunken conversation about this topic) may not know that I have the gigantic hands. Kinda like Man Hands, except less hairy when I break a lobster in half with them. And I keep my nails well-manicured in an effort to disguse my manual prowess. So it should come as no surprise that I am delighted to find women's gloves that the fingers start below my knuckle. I also got some great jeans that were priced $29.50 but turned out only to be $20.

This Las Vegas season of the Real World has yet to let me down. Once.

My bridesmaids dress is not as horribly ill-fitting as I had worried it would be, so I'm predicting a fairly small tailoring bill.

I don't have scabies.
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